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Posted on: May 6, 2009

Authors start thinking of ideas, Books come out of the ideas,Book Sellers move the books(me) and Reader’s pickup the books and take them home (You).  Today we are going to concentrate on making a better way to do this and help you see what you are missing by not looking, seeing, and buying books from me. Why you don’t even read my blog anymore or any-less… Remember Yes things are great today. and I will do my best to see that My bookstore will survive. And then there is my shot glass store shotglassheaven… in the next few days we will be adding more merchandise. Come check us out….

We have local author Joe Bullard’s book Waiting For Agnes (New paperback) in three places… Amazon at $22.00, eBay at 19.50 and eCRATER at 19.00, all three places are great.the difference in price is to pay for what the company’s charge me to sell there… The only one that does money orders is eCRATER… They are just as good a store as the rest maybe a little less known…. I have had lots of sales there just people are not use to going back and leaving feedback. Feedback is an important thing to a buyer and seller.. Tells the buyer how good the Seller has done on past sales.. I have over 2000 on eBay you can look at… then go somewhere else to find me if you like…

I sell at our local Flee Market on Saturdays also. You can comment here and leave word of what books you are looking for.. I look on Fridays to find books where ever I go… and sometimes  find places during the week while I am out.  I will be running a couple of sales this weekend… so check it out.  Please let me know you are reading my blog… Its nice to hear…. You can find me on Twitter also… Have a good day and picture of the day is…….

Waiting for Agnes(autographed)

Flee Market

Flee Market


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