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Posted on: May 4, 2009

My Bookstores are not doing so good… And I am really hoping it picks up by summer… It will be really hot to be at the flee market.. But I do love meeting the people…And have made lots of friendlys… (my meaning not friends and not acquaints, they are in between).  I am always looking at ways to bring more books. I will be bringing four boxes of different books… Fantasy, and some mystery. If you have something you are looking for and its on my store or I might just have it here at the house… email me at    Remember I always carry one copy of  “Waiting for Agnes” by local author Joe Bullard… It sells for $19.00 and its autographed…

Not sure we will go on Sunday again.. It was slow… We will be in the same space as last week J4… We may bring an extra table and get rid of a box of things we have for yard sale just to get it out of my way in the closet… And we will bring some sun screen… I got a little red… and we don’t want to burn…

Come see us and tell your friends… we go looking for books on Fridays so if there is something you are looking for let me know… let me know by Thursday … I will personal write you back and let you know if I found what you are looking for…

You can find me on Twitter everyday.. talking to friends who have stores where mine is on eCRATER,they might have something you are looking for. another book store is

picture of the day……………

has a basetball player on he other side

has a basetball player on the other side


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