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Its Friday already………

Posted on: May 1, 2009

I can’t sleep, I am so excited to be going to yard sales this morning, and there are quite a few… Hope that people really have them.. In the past two weeks there have not been many, but the one ‘s that are, sometimes are not open when we get there… That is not nice.. put a sign in your yard.. sorry no sale or something… Remember to take your last weeks signs down… You put them up, please take them down.. Your sale is not over till you have put all your things, and tools away and the sign is one of them.  You make money off this venture… well some of us buying your items do too.. You are waisting our time and gas… And you go on our list of never go to again.. I have about 8 places in my small town that will never see my business again . Then there are others that I know they might not have what I want but then again they have different things each time so I try again…

Saturday is Flea Market day.. I will be bringing any special orders I have been emailed about with me… You can send me a list of what you are looking for and I can look though what I have here at the house. You can look though my store at  and I will pull them.  I also have local author Joe Bullards book “Waiting for Agnes” autographed  I carry it with me every week .. I do not put it out you must ask… I sell it for $19.00   If you let me know ahead of time by email I will have enough copy’s with me otherwise I carry one… and you take a chance of not having it this week and waiting for next.  I do sell this book on Amazon for 22.00, eBay for 19.99 and eCRATER for 19.00  The difference in the price is for handling, as each on line store charges different fees with Amazon being the highest

One of the books going in today...Lisa Gardner,Alone

One of the books going in today...Lisa Gardner,Alone

Our email is

Today I will be putting books into the on line store at eCRATER. I have books for Luanne Rice, Linda Howard, Jane Feather, Lisa Gardner and Bobbi Smith. I need some help guys let me know what authors you would like to see on my site…

Today besides yard sales, we will be having lunch with family in Brandford, we try to do this every week that we are all around there are four families, during the summer we don’t do it as much as some of us travel.. (not me) so if any of our family is planning a trip to LC come on down or up… Have a great weekend… picture of the day……..


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