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What a day………………

Posted on: April 30, 2009

Every had a day when you tried to do to many things and not one thing got compleated…………….TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Took pictures of books that wanted to put into computer.. that part is done, but I was not the one doing it so that is why…. I put about 8 of 36 books into readerwave  Christina Dodd and Kellerman’s …Gene worked on the iPod and did some things… I tryed to send an email and had to go for help… saw money on iTunes and did not know what I wanted for sure and backed out…. Went out side and sat in the rocker for awhile and had to come in got hot… Its shorts weather here when last week it was jeans.. and everyone is so afraid of the flu… I already had it last month.. don’t want again… and Gene had pleurisy… Mom just got a pacemaker two weeks ago so she does not need to get sick…

Tomorrow we are yard sailing and Saturday Flee Market…. I have so much to bring I don’t know where to begin….Will figure it out as I load it tomorrow night… Well dinner time … bye for now.


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