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Sold book

Posted on: April 29, 2009

Well things are looking up…. Sold book on Amazon today… People your best price comes from eCRATER.. And mine also…. “Waiting for Agnes”. is sold in three places  Amazon for 22.00, eBay for 19.50 and eCRATER for 19.00    The reason for the differences is to meet all the shipping and selling fee’s. There is no selling fee at eCRATER.  This is a wonderful book written by a local North Florida author, Joe Bullard. Go to

Waiting for Agnes by Joe Bullard

Waiting for Agnes by Joe Bullard will take you to several places after you get there… check it out put it in your favorites, or make a shortcut..I did…

My surprise of the day was I received a iPod for a early Mother’s Day present. Thank You my daughters. Now I have to learn to use it. My wonderful husband is learning faster than I am… he likes to read directions first. I want to just do so I am slowed down a bit… That and I have fat fingers.. I don’t see me doing it two thumbs.. To fat I keep hitting the wrong keys…

Entered a lot of shot glasses in the past couple of days… I have now started getting new ones in that have not been in anywhere before. Go to  or   this will take you to many sites after you get there… put in your favorites, or shortcut  I did…


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