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Posted on: April 27, 2009

what glass is this

what glass is this

Today I have come to you all my friends, the ones in Texas and Tennessee may be the biggest help.. I have a shot glass that I don’t know where it came from… Its Clear glass with a double capital T on it over each other and has a horse and rider with a cape and its all in our lines of red.. It will be my picture of the day.   I have finally taken all the pictures of the shot glasses that I had on eBay and now are on eCRATER.  It will take me couple of days to put them in the computer as its so slow uploading.. I can fall asleep in the three to four minutes it takes… And we have cleaned out everything…  

Rewriting Monday by Jodi Thomas

Rewriting Monday by Jodi Thomas

I finished Jodi Thomas “Rewriting Monday”  2009   ISBN 9780425226940 New one reader me… Great Story Love this writer have read several of her books.  This one has newspaper reporter Pepper Malone moving to Bailee, Texas. She was fired from the Chicago newspaper for a story she wrote.  She is left a home in Bailee by her aunt.. Only she is on dead she is in a nursing home with a broken hip.  It goes from where she Meets Lorie the baker and goes to the newspaper for a job as there is a sign in the window.. She is hired on the spot… what a story took me two days to read..did not get any work done..  Now I am going on to a Harlequin something simple… Also have a new Sherryl Woods and Fern Micheals to read… Oh did I mention Debbie Macomber is coming to Tallahassee next month can’t wait..  ” Summer on Blossom Street” is coming out in paperback… can’t wait to read again and get my signed copy…

Have a good day and stay under the radar……LOL remember I sell on eCRATER, eBay, and Amazon… there must be a book or shot glass you need.. and don’t for get Flee Market in LC, Fl every Saturday with no rain…


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