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Pleasent Sunday

Posted on: April 26, 2009

Have been reading, writing on Twitter and Facebook… Talking to my husband and Mother…. Just stopped for dinner.. Gene made grilled chicken breast..(don’t faint) he is eating it more and more… and corn on the cob… Oh today  I also found 6 worms on our Tomato plants.. We have about 12 plants in pots on our patio… Don’t want to dig up the yard to plant…

Had kids running though the yard playing and I went out and just asked them to watch for the rabbits so they did not get scared and not come back.. I was never allowed to play in the grass of our yard as a kid, so I always make ours open to everyone… They don’t hurt it….

A lady I met at the Flee Market sent me an email about books… I will gladly find what she wants in my store or room… At the price of the Flee Market…  If anyone here local has questions feel free to contact me at….

Waiting for Agnes by North Florida author Joe Bullard

Waiting for Agnes by North Florida author Joe Bullard

Well anyone can I sell books on Amazon, eBay and eCRATER…. I sell only one book on Amazon and eBay.. Waiting for Agnes by local author Joe Bullard… I sell it on eCRATER also and its the cheapest on eCRATER. as I pay no fee’s to sell so I pass the savings on to you… I can get as many copy’s as you need. Makes wonderful gifts.  Then of course I sell shot glasses at shot glass heaven… You can find all my sites at one address…     Tell everyone you know I really could use the business… I am saving for a real store some day…. Locally I do buy books from people but right now I am   over stocked… But if business picks up or if I find I can get a store I will be looking for more…Thanks to all who have been finding and following my progress at the flee market… I will be there this week if it does not rain…. I was joking with Gene and telling him we should bring the generator out there and hook up a fan for the summer… I got a look and a NO… I wonder why could it be because they weigh so much….I am looking for a book for a customer maybe you have it put away somewhere…. Mother of the Children of the Holocaust, the story of Irena Sendler(paperback) I am told by another book dealer it’s a booklet of 26 pages…. I have never seen it so I really don’t know…

Have a great evening  pictue for the evening


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