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Saturday Flee Market J2

Posted on: April 24, 2009

Thats the same row closer to the front … Going to be busy there tomorrow… Have 5 different boxes of books and leaving 5 home… Will trade out from week to week…. I have 3 Debbie Macomber Navy that someone asked for… Have a whole box of other Debbie books… Bringing a mess of fantasy… Will be there from open to close. We have about decided to do this weekly for now… Toying with the idea of still one day a week but one week Saturday and one Sunday… That way we can get in the yard sales…once in a while… Have found just the place for our dream store… now alls we need is money, the room where we want to be and lots of customers… I know I can get the authors to come for sighing….Everyone has a pipe dream this is mine…. Hay I never dreamed I would have one online book store!  have two stores and selling a book at the third  a blog and twitter and facebook…. one busy lady these days and loving every minute. Come find us at   my lovely GEEK daughter made this for me…. and I mean this in the nicest way… She has her own item for sale  

Want to watch the weather on your iPod… Look to the right of this writing and click on Hurricane for your iPod want more info  contact weatherangel on Twitter.

On Twitter @readerwave  I am trying to get 1000 followers I have over 30 in two days… and lots are authors so if you want to see what they write come on over.


2 Responses to "Saturday Flee Market J2"

i think everybody knows that excpet the newbie for ipod.

Slight correction… The Hurricane app does not show generic weather. It shows hurricanes, tropical storms and information relating to severe weather. It does not show you regular weather forecasts (like temperatures, etc)…

And hey, since we’re talking about apps, you could also check out the uber cute Cat Calls app, which plays various cat sounds 🙂

And… in response to the comment by “Soccer” that is an interesting way to get a spam link into a blog. They are using the keyword ipod to go along with their site, which is ipod accessory related… It explains why the context made no sense.

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