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Yes Things ARE Great Today…………..

Posted on: April 23, 2009

And they are even tho Gene did not like his lunch… they forgot two items in his hamburger that he did not like anyways… Guess Applebee’s has lost us as this is the third try for him…. I love the special Hamburger… I found out about last summer while in NYS visiting my sister and family…

Today I twittered got some more followers we are up to 25 working toward 1000.  Hay if O and A can do it why can’t I… Had a customer looking for a book… “Mother of The Children of the Holocaust, The Story of Irena Sendler”. by Anna Mieszkowska   and I sold a book….    I took pictures of shot glasses and entered them into the computer at   I love eCRATER  you can enter as many as 10 pictures in on one item.. That is so good when you have a item that is round and or has things on front and back… Several items I put in 3 or more pictures… it was so much fun… only draw back was the slowness of the up loads…       Tomorrow is yard sale day… and someone mentioned that they have books…So looking forward to going have not been in awhile.. can’t count last week as no one had anything I wanted or they weren’t open when we went by…

Catch you tomorrow…….


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