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One person

Posted on: April 22, 2009

One person looked at my stores or blog yesterday…. Thanks maybe you will bring a bring a friend today from their computer…You never know what someone might see.. Of course if you write a comment I would know what you are looking for, and maybe I might have it…Last night I took some pictures of books and put them in the computer and pictures of shot glasses, have to put them in this morning.. Today is Wednesday… Earth Day what can I do to clean up the earth… I can do my wash….I saw a cartoon in paper today…  a plant had sprouted from a guys laundry… it must of been real dirty…

Don’t for get I joined Twitter… come visit.  Everything I have except shot glass store is named readerwave. so if you google or however you do it you will probley find me…but in case you have a problem here some info  takes you to eCrater store and blog….  takes you to same store…. twitter go to     shotglassheaven

eBay store has one item…. “Waiting for Joe Bullard   you can get to this item by  then typing in Waiting for Agnes or authors name Joe Bullard  I also sell this book on eCRATER and for locals I will have at the flee Market on Saturdays…. Remember its autographed.

Come see me it gets lonely all by myself… Just like you I want to know people care……

Waiting for Agnes by Florida Native Joe Bullard

Waiting for Agnes by Florida Native Joe Bullard

Don’t forget Saturday I will be at Lake City Flee Market….


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