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Salesman, Saleslady………

Posted on: April 17, 2009

How many times can we have no sales before we throw in the towel, so to speak…………I guess all the people who like to read are going to the library… That’s great for the library workers but what about the salesman and saleslady who have been so good to you for years…They are going to loose there jobs.. Remember what Whoopi said on “The View ” at the beginning of this mess… Those of you who still have need to spend a little to keep those of us in business…. Don’t be afraid and take a chance… This Saturday Readerwave will be at the Lake City Flee Market come out and look for your favo book… Write us a email and tell us what you are looking for…  write a comment… here…..We will have a few copy’s of Waiting for Agnes by local Author Joe Bullard. They will be on Sale for $19.00… We will not advertise.. come up and ask us… They will be autographed…

Business was getting better then it just died…. We have two stores on eCRATER  nice place.. and people who have bought from us there have had a great experience… remember all the discounts…. I don’t think you can get better prices unless someone is giving books away… Sorry I can’t do that… Going yard sailing tomorrow have not gone in a very long time… Will write when I get home to tell you how I did…. I bought a new chair for the flee market so come out and help me pay for it….Then go to the doing down town to celebrate Lake City’s 150 years…


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