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Friday update………….

Posted on: April 17, 2009

Mail came… got book marks from Lori Devoti, three different kinds..  Now I have to stock her books.. I am out at the moment… you can see them at  I have had Debbie Macomberbookmarks for a couple of years.. She is so generous with her things… You can see a list of Debbie books at She also has a Blog at this site… You can find out about Ceder Cove Days happening in her home town of Port Orchard, WA.  August 26-30 All this info is on her website.  Every time you place an order for these two authors I will send a bookmark.., you can find these books on  We also carry” Waiting for Agnes “, an autographed book by Joe Bullard. Very good book… You can only get the paperback on my websites. Not offered any where else… and  or less expensive at eCRATER.

I finished reading “Montana Mistletoe” by Lena Nelson Dooley,Lisa Harris, Debby Mayne and Kim Vogle Sawyer.

Lori Compton, Keanna Moss, Madison Graham, and Kathy Morgan  are four friends who in college made a pack that they would be married by there 28th birthdays… Well its here… 1st part Lori Compton is elected Mayor of Mistletoe and her job is to make her town prosperous again. New Pastor  in town, he helps her come up with idea’s.. And the romance goes from there. 2 part Deanna Moss assumes she will marry this guy she had been dating and it was going no where fast till Anthony Carson and old flame comes to town He has a bus tour business and lives somewhere else this will never work or will it…. 3rd part Madison Graham leaves Mistletoe for New York City get a good job and has the same guy for 5 yrs.. Is this love………4th part Kathy Morgan comes back to her Childhood home for a stroll down memory lane.. gets her arm caught in the mailbox and the mail man who saves her lives in her childhood home…..go figure….

I loved this book with four continuous stories…. I guess that is why l love reading authors like Debbie Macomber, Catherine Anderson, Fern Michaels, Sherryl Woods, Diana Palmer, Joan Johnston to name a few all have books that are continued… And Romance……………

You can get book lists for any of these authors at there websites   Blog at

imagine the picture of the day a blue book in good condition and a town on the front with Christmas in its heart….

God willing I will see you at the Flee Market tomorrow morning one space closer to the front….


2 Responses to "Friday update…………."

I’m glad the bookmarks arrived! I hope you and your customers find good use for them. 🙂

Thanks for coming on I have had a few authors come on and it is so nice … and going though some of my stash I found a Lori Devoti book I forgot I had so sometime this weekend my photograper(my husband) will take the picture and we will be in business again… “Love Is All You Need” will be found at

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