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Wow what a day everyone one woke feeling great!

Posted on: April 16, 2009

Me!!!!!!!!  I got kicked off of two blogs yesterday………..Don’t know why I joined them in the first place, this one does everything they do on two pages. Front and Back…. Every where you look people and things are telling you to spread yourself out so people can see you…. Well after two weeks I have not seen a sale on my two stores   Yesterday we put in more books, and more shotglasses…. I think I have about three days of putting in shot glasses that were in my eBay store . Then I can open the next box…. Have no idea what is in it…. I have 20 or so books that Gene took pictures of to enter….. Then we go from there… I have a big box of brand new books to go throw… I bought off a bookstore in town that was closing….

Flee Market on Saturday I am going to try getting the same booth I had before…It had a place to put a table and I have a folding one… I have four more boxes of book that I want to bring…. with some authors people are looking for….  I may go yard saling tomorrow… I have a person waiting paciently for Sharon Sala   I have some but not the ones she wants…And I have to get ahold of some people I buy books from as I found a picture in one of them…. People do not turn pages use a slip of paper if you have to…

I started emailing my customrs from Nov to now to tell them about my new store… see if that will spark a look or even have them look here and tell me what they would like to see… Tell your friends…. if they are looking for something I am willing to look for it…  As you know my used books are no more than$ .98 or $.99 cents and some times lower… ones that are new or one owner(me) go for $3.00 to $4.50  How can you go wrong…. And remember those shipping and handling discounts…Buy one at full shipping price and the next one is $1.00 unless its a set then its $2.00  For every 4 books you buy you get a free one  and you get to pick that one by emailing me at   I have one book back on ebay that is “Waiting for Agnes, ” by author Joe Bullard…. He lives local    I need to keep this one going… It has been doing so well and its a great book… people in other countries have bought it and loved it… I sell is also on ecrater in my    come see for yourself…

I am still reading about Misltoe, Montana its a great book about three friends and three authors writting about each friend…. I am almost finished with the second one… Then I have a SHerryl Woods and a Fern Micheals waiting… You can find there books at and   Today I will enter on  my ecrater store Iris Johansen I have 7 of her books and then I have Catherine Anderson… I have to say if I were reading and Had a choice I would read Catherine… My daughter-in-law reads Iris and loves her…. I have to branch out… I have a little… and now that I am writting this I can’t remember who I was going to write about. But I think my book has gotten long enogh already…..You can find Iris Johansen at  and Catherine Anderson at   See you tomorrow God willing  and if the creek don’t rise…. more……….LOL…………….picture of the day

#4 in The Kendric/Coulter Series

#4 in The Kendric/Coulter Series

Great Suspense

Great Suspense


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