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A New Day-Yes Things ARE Great TODAY!!!

Posted on: April 15, 2009

Today will be great….Working on stores and getting more items in…. Worked on postage and handling… Letting people know we still give a free book for every 4 you buy… And now you can pick the book from what we have on line… Just don’t buy it… send an email and I will take it off line and send with your order… How easy is that…

Will be going to the Flee Market this weekend… Saturday if the weather is good… Rain, heavy wind and snow will keep us away… If you are looking for something special let us know by email and we will try to bring it….   If you have someone you want us to tell about out online store send  a email address to us.. ………………………Remember we have two online stores and

in our readerwave store we will be bringing back the LeapPad products..soon…and talking books…….

in our shotglassheaven store we have over 1000 glasses to enter in the next few months…

Have a great day….. He is the one………………….picture of the day……..

From the Long Tall Texan Series of Jacobsville, Texas   written by Diana Palmer. Another one of those series you hate to put down. You can find a list of all the books in the series at her wedsite…. This is just one of the many authors who have writen series or trilogys that are just great to read…. If you have a favorite please let me know… Nora Roberts has many… just one is her Death series with Lieutenant Eve Dallas, you can find all the books in this series by going to  We have many of these books in our store..Check it out…. Guys tell me about that author you read and their series.. we beleive in equal time…


Writen by J.D.Robb  aka  Nora Roberts

Writen by J.D.Robb aka Nora Roberts


From Long Tall Texan Series

From Long Tall Texan Series


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