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Hello anyone there…………

Posted on: April 14, 2009

Where are all my wonderful readers……..Have they gone to no job heaven…….Just remember “Things are great today” and “I will do my best” and one extra one for me “My bookstore will survive.”

I am going to brake my own new rule…. I am going to the flee market this weekend…. so if you want a certain book let me know at  I will be in Lake City,Fl.  I really enjoyed meeting the people…. I am going to go look at a canopy’s today to see if I want to get one.  

Mother is doing good.. yesterday she had a good day… she did all the things that she use to do… so days are looking up… Thank you God…. I did not get up with her at night.. I did get up and so did she but we did not do it to be together….

For those of you who have not gotten your copy of “Waiting for Agnes” by Joe Bullard.. Remember I am the only one selling the paperback copy and you can find it on eCRATER… go to www.readerwave.comand click on eCRATER… you can buy it for less than I use to sell on ebay. Every is less on eCRATER… and you have more options on how you can buy. There is still paypal and Now you can use Money Order again. And I will except personal checks from buyer I have dealt with before… and when you become a before customer you too can pay that way. Come one you be my first customer today… Remember I am always putting books in and will be adding shot glasses to my sight very soon, also LeapPad product… Speaking of LeapPad I have odds of books and cartridges that I sell at the flee market if you are missing a book or cartridge I might have it…I have some ref.. magnet letters also. I found a few James Patterson someone was looking for him last time…. I will be bringing more hard covers of different kinds… and remember every book or item is .75  or three for $2.00 .  The only thing that will keep us from coming is the weather… rain… I am not with the postal system so if it rains, or snows I will not be there….LOL

Have a great day and the picture of the day is

Waiting for Agnes by Joe Bullard  about the making of the Coral Castle in Homestead ,Florida

Waiting for Agnes by Joe Bullard about the making of the Coral Castle in Homestead ,Florida

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