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Easter Sunday….

Posted on: April 12, 2009

Good Morning……………Easter is here……….Saw the hummingbird this morning but not the Easter Bunny…saw him on Friday…. He was so big.. that means he has survived the cars and trucks in the area… Have not seen our three gray ones from last year…. I can’t even find their pictures that I took… to show you…..

Yesterday I put a few books in at  or   I use eCRATER now as its a free service and I can pass the savings on to you… Will be entering in some more today as I don’t feel I want to leave Mother on her own today as she is no up to par yet.. I think the arthritis meds are throwing her off…. she is real tired this morning….  Have a great day and find lots of Easter eggs…..come see my books and shot glasses

Yesterday I finished “Montana Creeds:Tyler” last book in this series for now anyways… was very good…. Tells how Tyler comes back to Stillwater Springs  on the way he trades his expensive suv in for a junk truck so people won’t know he has money… He picks up a dog along the way that is in bad shape.. and it goes from there….He was dumped by Lily Kenyon when he was still living there… He went on to marry someone else and she did also.. She comes back to Stillwater Springs with daughter to care for her ailing father… is there still love…. read and find out…. book by Linda Lael Miller

our bunnys from 2008

our bunnys from 2008


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