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Thank God for Wal-Mart…………..

Posted on: April 2, 2009

Went to Wal-Mart this morning for my Easter egg fix… Some of the grands are coming this weekend and we are going to have a Easter egg hunt out doors if possible, if not inside.  Then felt a edge of guilt so bought something to send the others who won’t be here…

Good news…. I started making my shot glass store last night.. we have to take new pictures of the one I have out and the ones in the boxes not out yet… I did take everything shot glass off my eBay and eCRATER, readerwave stores… give me a couple of weeks and you will see some good pictures… Gene is in charge of that and he says the weather is to bad to get good light… I have to say the new light bulbs they have out to get better prices on your electric bill are terrible on reading and pictures…

I got the new Montana Creed: Tyler book  by Linda Lael Miller   today.. will start today as I only had read three pages of the one I just started… so I can start it over next week…. I am thinking if I don’t sell one of the other two I will pull them and put them on sale as a set when I finish this one…

Gene has gone to the grocery store… I just gave Mom a eclair from Wal-Mart.. Me I would rather have a pudding filled from Dunking Donuts…(We don’t have one here in out town.) I also miss the bagels used to get and sell at work.. An everything bagel not toasted with cream cheese… Someone have one for me.. Please….There is a restaurant near hear that has cream puffs.. Two people can eat one they are so filled with pudding… We stop every-time we go to Bradford for lunch even if we don’t go to the restaurant for lunch. we stop on the way home…  I broke down and bought a coke at Wal-mart I have drank about half… I try not to have soda.. I do pretty good… I don’t usually drink at home… and try to remember when we go out… Its one of my trigger foods.. another is Macaroni and potato salad… When I make them I don’t know when to stop…   Looks like I don’t know when to stop here either.. Picture of the day will be one of the grands last Easter…

Easter 2008 These are my eggs

Easter 2008 These are my eggs


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