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Books,Interiors and yarn,what do they have in Common?

Posted on: March 31, 2009


Mom has finished another project and is ready to start a new one and is looking though all her bags of yarn.. She does this every time and I guess I have to leave her  alone and let her do it… Would drive me crazy… That is why I play with books…. I finished my “Montana Creed:Dylan” today and the new one comes out today “Montana Creed:Tyler” can’t wait to go tomorrow to get it… you can read about it at www.lindalaelmiller.comThis trilogy is another one that is just great.

These Creed boys have a fight of all places at there fathers funeral… They don’t see each other for along time.. The first book “Montana Creed:Logan”This brother comes home to start life over and bring the Creed name back where it belongs with trust and truth.. Some weeks ago I told you about Logan… now I will tell you about Dylan…

Logan has called his brothers to come back to the ranch and help start over each one has their own home there… Dylan came back put a lady and her children in his house to over see it and left his bull there to graze and make babies…. Then he takes off for the rodeo again…Found this all out in the book of Logan. Now we find out He has a small child that the mother is raising… He comes out of a place where he was playing poker and finds his little girl standing up in his truck alone… There is a note that says Sharlene (child’s mother) can not raise her any longer…   Dylan knows the mother is somewhere near even she would not take off with the baby in the truck alone…. Dylan takes her to a store and gets food and then to a motel… Next morning he heads to the ranch… Decides that he needs a Lawyer and the best one he knows is Logan…. He gets to town and makes up with brother Logan and his new wife and her two boys.. They fall in love with Bonnie…. In town is the librarian who has loved Dylan sense they were kids… Kristy is all alone her parents had died. They lost their farm everything… Check out the rest of the story its great….

I am still working on getting another store open for my shot glasses… When I do you will be the first to know… I am also looking into closing my eBay store… But that won’t be right away… I am thinking before I jump ship…. Have a good day…….Here comes picture of the day  This lovely room belongs to our niece and nephew and was done by Janet West Interiors… go to the website and you can find more rooms to look at… 

Isn't this a beautiful room.. You can have one too. Live in the Nashville,Tn area,Symrna,

Isn't this a beautiful room.. You can have one too. Live in the Nashville,Tn area,


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