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Mondays………Should be starting the week

Posted on: March 30, 2009

Mother and project she made for Eva took her 4 months. Fits a king size bed

Mother and project she made for Eva took her 4 months. Fits a king size bed

Mondays to me are catch up day… Catch up what I started over the weekend………We get to go to the post office, bank… grocery store……and maybe Wal mart… (love that place….).  Mailing one book and some author requests for bookmarks… I love to send there bookmarks with the books I sell… Makes a nice far I have Debbie Macomber  I will be going to see her in May in Tallahassee.  Can’t wait.. Gene is going to make me something to take to her.. I love giving out little gifts when I go see someone ..  I am half way through book Montana Creeds:Dylon  and the new one comes out tomorrow.  Montana Creeds: Tyler, they are by Linda Lael Miller,  I should be able to start it by the end of the week.. Then you can look for them on my eCRATER store.  Everything I put in from now on will go on my eCRATER store. It has more to offer my customer as well as me.. I can sell for less as they cost me less…. Check it out… I have paypal and money orders… where on the other store I have only paypal and the books cost you more… I can move things for now from one store to another…. I do give shipping discounts on both stores… But as I said eCRATER is my store of choice and will be fading out the other one as things sell off…




Have a good day and check out my stores… write on my blog and have fun……………………  check out the picture of the day


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