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Three authors one lovely book………

Posted on: March 28, 2009

This Blog you know is for fun… I love to read for fun.. I don’t read many serious books.. No blood and guts… I just finished reading and I mean just, half  hour to be exact… “Alaska Brides” Three stories by three wonderful authors, ,,  and This book tells of the Smiths, Twins,brother and sister, leaving Texas in shame to seek there fortune in Alaska to pay off there fathers debt and get there good name back. There one year and they meet Ian Rafferty from Oregon.  Ian andMeridth  Smith become close…Next book Ian’s brother moves to Alaska after his wife and child die in child birth… He meets a young woman who has run away form boarding school to find her father whom she has not heard from in a long time.. (her mother died before she left to go to school)  There is a good story here and it has a great ending to go on to the last story where The Rafferty brothers have a younger sister who wants to go to medical school and in the 1800’s women became wives and mothers… So she is sent by her widowed father to the brothers to makes sure she finds a husband… She meets Meridth’s  Brother Tucker Smith….. The rest is for you to find out….. These stores tell of great Christian faith.. God is everywhere… Hard to put down….. You will find this book in my eCRATER store with all the large books with State titles… Have lots of them and they all have Faith….

I will be starting a new Linda Lael Miller book   “Montana Creeds:Dylan” that I just picked up last week…This is the second book of three… They are brand new… Look for it about in a week to be on eCRATER.

Looks like it has rained all night, I probley won’t be at the flee market this morning.. The rain has stopped but its very windy… will see in less than two hours… Man another night where I got no sleep… I get things going around in my head and I can’t let them go like I use to when I worked… I guess my mind and body don’t get tired enough when I don’t work out of the house… I need to start getting out in the fresh air and riding my three wheeler again.. Had a neighbor stop to see why I wasn’t riding now… That was very nice of her… Well friends my book(Blog) is done for this morning. See you later or tomorrow after Church….


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Hi, Readerwave. I saw your comment on my guest book on my website. I’m glad you enjoyed Golden Days.

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