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Friendship and a ball………..

Posted on: March 27, 2009

You ask what they have to do with each other…..Berta and I have been friends sence  High School 10th grade… Sence 2008 was our 40th class reunion you figure the math… A week or so a go I did a blog where I showed you a silver ball that opens up and you can put things in… That is a friendship ball… We started sending one in 1998, I sent it to her and the next month she sent it back to me with a present inside…. We have had some really cute stuff go back and forth… Right now the ball is on its way back to me… It was sent yesterday I was told.  With telephones and computers we comuncate every day, some times more. Most of the time we find things that fit in the special ball sometimes we have to put it on the outside just laying in the box…. The box gets used over and over..A couple of months ago I pealed enough tape off to make a small ball… LOL…. the address card has one set of addresses on one side and reversed on the other so we never have to write it down just turn the card over… And yes I did forget and put  back on my side and it came back to me.. A couple of years ago one got lost in the mail…. So we are on our second ball…  Another ball well be launched this summer…. To a very special person who has wanted to do this for many years and had no one to do it with, as all her special friends live in her town… Thats great but then again she has no one to send to…..I found a ball at a yard sale last year(you can find anything so don’t though anything away,till after your sale then you know someone wasn’t looking for it….) Thats another story..I have things all over my house. Last month I got a minuture Easter bunny snow globe… it sits on my table… I had sent her mini bear refrigerater magnets.. Had 4 and they fit in the ball so that is how small they were… Putting a picture of  some of the stuff on her. I just got a new shelf in the shape of a house with bigger holes for the tall things…

Oh just to change the subject a little, yesterday I got a Blog answer from Author MaryAnne Stahl. I had mentioned that I read her book “The Opposite Shore” on a January 19th wrote in here… How cool is that.. So to read it you have to go back to Jan.. blogs…

The tiny black hat,pig, and pail of milk were the first things I got. Tiny notes I got with them are behind

The tiny black hat,pig, and pail of milk were the first things I got. Tiny notes I got with them are behind


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