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Looking and making ads……..

Posted on: March 25, 2009

Well Gene takes better pictures than I do… Oh well he has the job if he wants it.. I think he takes more time at it than I do…. He is going to do more for me tomorrow after we get back with Mother … She has test this morning… Read some posts on eCRATER  and one person said she listed her store on Craiglist… I tried it …. You have to go by state and town… If there was an over all place I did not see it… so I did about 5 ads in 5 different states see how that goes…

I think I will sell at the flee market this weekend so all you people in the Lake City, Florida area (if the weather is good, rain or snow will keep me away) I will be there on Saturday…. I hope…..Come check us out….


2 Responses to "Looking and making ads…….."

…caught your wave! eCrater fan here. Found you from your link to my post in the forums and thought I would stop in and say hello while having my morning cup of coffee!

Browsed your store at eCrater, and showing some support for eCrater sellers! We just started listing on eCrater last year, had a few sales and now we are getting into our tourist season here in the Falls…trying to discipline myself to stop in and say hello to people before I go to work and placing a comment or “thought” in my blogs.

Your books are great! The Harlequins! I remember my mother reading them (then me)…do they still around?

Well have a nice day … if I was closer, I’d stop by flea market – have fun!

Thanks for stopping by…Have been to the Falls acouple of times..But I was like 4 and 10… I lived near Lake George, Glens Falls area…. closer to Albany than you….
The only thing that will stop the flee’s this weekend is the weather… I have 11 boxes of books ready to go…. Yes Harliquin(Won’t have any with me this weekend)
are in big demand… I was selling alot when on eBay before their prices made it inpossible to sell there… I sell them for 3 to 5 cents over what I pay for them…. Trying to get people to see my sights I want to go to eCRATER and get away from eBay but afraid… What little sales I do get I get on eBay… had a few on eCRATER… MY PRICES ARE LOWER ON ECRATER…. I am hoping that my newest sightseeing tour to Craigslist will get me some business…

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