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Shipping and Handling Fees……….

Posted on: March 23, 2009

My shipping and handling fees are the same on eBay and eCRATER.  Buy one book and its what comes up… When you buy more than one the shipping for everyone after the first is $1.oo unless its a hard cover then its $2.oo.  Don’t pay until I send you a bill… If this does not work on eCRATER then I will send you a refund to your paypal right away.. I did this yesterday for a customer. Worked out good…. If you want to order from both sites we will work it out.. with sending a refund for postage. When you do this make sure you send me a note, as sometimes I don’t notice the names are the same.  If you have questions ask.. I am in the books business to sell books  as I love reading them myself… And I can buy myself the books I want to read.. And this past week I ordered a new pair of tennis shoes for summer…

Today I will do a little more here in my book room…. Tomorrow I will work on my weekend sale… at the Flee Market  here in Lake City Have a great day…………….


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