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Spring Planting and Book Reading

Posted on: March 22, 2009

Busy beaver thats me this morning…. I put a few books in eBay… Have a few more to put in eCRATER.  We went to Walmart with a big list of things we needed…And of course I got the new book by Linda Lael Miller  from her Montana Creed series  Dylon…. when I finish the one I am reading will start it. now have to go to gorcery store… Did not go to Church… Gene can’t sit for an hour with his back… I hope we can get him feeling better soon.. Its been a month.    Yesterday we got a beautiful tea rose in yellow they grow in clusters.. and no thorns… I now need to get a tressel as they are climbers… We planted it out back around our bedroom windows with the rest of the ones I have… I need two more regular ones.. Have not decided what colors yet… I have a two tone yellow and orange, a two tone red and white… a pink in tea rose size a red the same size it climbs also and a big yellow that climbs.. and a pick that is like a bush and they look like puff balls…


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