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You go girl, Whoopi says it like it is……..

Posted on: March 20, 2009

Today on “The View”  Whoopi let two women who write for TV Guide have it with both barrols.. Its about time… How you dress is not how you should be judged… I bet the women who wrote this artical has not earned a 10th of the money or fame that Whoopi has.. She can come on my Blog anytime… Its a shame she does not do email.. I would write her one for sure.. I was shocked and glad she said what she did … You go girl…. I can’t tell you how many times I have watched one of your movies over and over. You are one of the best comics and actress of my age group… Thanks for coming to “The View” I look forward to watching everyday. ok you baby boomers say your piece what do you think……………..?


1 Response to "You go girl, Whoopi says it like it is…….."

I couldn’t agree more! Whoopi Goldberg is someone I admireand hold in high esteem on many levels and the fact she is never anyone else but who she is, is an integral part of her appeal. I think she always looks comfortable and relaxed in her clothing. I listen to Whoopi’s opinions, concerns and ideas on The View, enjoy her movies and standup, admire her public spirit and good works, her commitment to work and family and have never been distracted by what fashion she is or isn’t wearing. Whoopi’s long list of accomplishments stand testament to the fact that most folks couldn’t give a continental about what she wears..she is draped in an awesome talent that needs no embellishment!

I think she let the two very shallow and insulting bovines off very lightly! I would hope that they apologise to her in the same very public manner in which they attempted to demean and embarass her.

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