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Messy day and has nothing to do with weather

Posted on: March 18, 2009

Well our new email works for our new eCRATER store, just can’t get the store to work… When it does it will be called shot glass heaven and of course it will have shot glasses.. I have boxes of them… so it will take a while… I have to find a new way to take pictures.. mine are terrible… I will have all the one on the readerwave stores off there some day.. but not anytime soon.

Gene and I both wrote emails to get help with this site .. so far its not working…   Just as well as I need to help clean house tomorrow for we will have company on Friday for a while…

Went and picked up more “Waiting for Agnes” I still had one on hand but maybe I will sell it tonight and then I would have none if I sold more than one… Makes life easier….

I talked to Lizzie on facebook last night and Ilene… Sheri sent us an email and asked up to join.. so I sent her one back telling her we already belong.


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