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Finished another one

Posted on: March 16, 2009

Finished reading “Feels Like Home” by Maggie Shayne… Great Little Silhouette book… Told of a man looking for a wife, so he would have a mother for his son. He does not have  to love her just as long as she loves his son, he will take care of her do what ever he needs to make her happy.. He did not plan to fall in love with her.. That was not in the picture or was it…

Yesterday we met up with relatives at other relatives home.. was great… Had a great time, visiting and catching up.. Mom went with us…. Everyone was so tired from being out all day we slept in this morning.. Gene and Mother are back in bed… Being sick has really worn us out… Its hard to get back in the grove…  

Sold two Waiting for Agnes yesterday… And I now have 5 countries that people are looking at my sights. that is wonderful… If you want good deals got to   if you want to see everything at once go to   I have to get out to the garage to get my box of shot glasses and start taking pictures and make them better than the ones  I have taken in the past.. some of them are terrible… All the glasses are like new… or new and just been sitting around for a while.. Have not used any of them myself….Well getting time to go watch the VIEW    love that show… Whoopi has done a great job of keeping things together…  check it out come on 11am hear in North Florida channel 3.

Did anyone get to the library yesterday and see Joe talk I wish someone would get on and tell me about it… Had someone from Fort White buy his book from me yesterday. That was cool…  Have a great day come see us again…


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