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Second Chance Pass and Walmart

Posted on: March 14, 2009

I told you I would finish Robyn Carr’s book “Second Chance Pass” this weekend.. Just finished it and looked to see when the next one “Temptation Ridge” was coming out it came out March 1st… Man and Gene just came back from Walmart… Guess I will have to start one of the other 20 books I have in my bag waiting… I love authors who write series…. it gives me so much to look forward to anther visit with family and friends… Yes I really get into a book… it becomes my family. I cry and laugh I get mad… there are not many books I start that I don’t finish…. I can’t put it down even if I don’t like it…
Talked to Berta this morning and she is off visting her husband while he is on a road trip for his job…
Ilene and Beth (daughter and granddaughter) are on their way here to pick up GGE old bed and make it Beths new bed.. And this morning Mom decided that the comforter was to big for her new bed so I have that in the washer so Beth can take that too…
We are going to Gene’s sister Joyce’s house tomorrow for dinner and visit with neice and nephew coming form Nashville area… That will be fun have not seen them sence last year when we went to a wedding of a great Nephew.
Friday was slow for sales.. But it always has been I think Fridays being the end of the week people tend to go out to dinner or movie or just hang out with family and friends.


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