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Books and more Books to Doctors

Posted on: March 12, 2009

Today I am feeling better… slept real good last night.. could be because I forgot to put the baby montor on to hear Mom in the night.. I find I wake up at the least little sound.. and that is not good when you are sick anyways… Gene slept good also he says.. he sounds better… Not as weak…
I have already put Nicolas Sparks into eCRATER this morning.. I have seen some movies from his books but neve read his books… he on my 2009 readers list…. I am still reading Robyn Carr…Grant’s Pass its really good but my eyes could not read long when on the meds… I will probley finish this week…
While at the doctors office met a man and his wife they are from Like Oak and they go to church with my brother-in-laws brother.
and the man’s name is Gene…. small world….
Well have to go get dressed so can take Mom to next doctors app.
and need to go to library and return a disk that got misplaced and they let us know to look for it…. they were very kind about it…. Of course I will go find some more disks for mother and look for books that I need…
I promise to start entering shot glasses next week in eCRATER.
Have a Blessed Day!


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