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GGElla and Friendship…..

Posted on: March 11, 2009

Friendship ball

Friendship ball

Good Morning, Remember a few days ago I told you about my friendship ball.. Well I finally took pictures of it and I found the words that go with it on the internet…
Friendship ball open

Friendship ball open

The Friendship Ball Poem
A Ball is a circle, no beginning, no end. It keeps us together like our circle of friends. The treasure inside for you just to see, is the treasure of friendship you have grated to me..

I found a ball like mine at Old Town Gifts and Collectibles on the internet, or Call 1-479-271-7980. As I mentioned before we have been sending this ball back and forth for 11years every month one of us has it.. I am mailing mine today.. found the cuties little things at the hospital gift store when Mom was there a few weeks ago..
WE just got back from taking GGElla for a colon test… seems ok need to watch what she eats for her Diverticous (sp)

I have decided to stop the pills for my cold I only have two days left and I feel much better… I need to be alert when taking Mom to doctors. And I can work on computer when I don’t take them…
GGElla (MOM) is drinking a chocolate milk shake that ‘s what she wanted….
Going to go watch soap opera Y&R then come back to computer till GL….by for now


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