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What a day I am whipped…………….

Posted on: March 10, 2009

Started out with Mom yelling to me… from in the living room..She was not hurt just wanted to know if we were suppose to be up to go to the doctors… I about jumped out of my skin………and ran to her… hurt my knee… and its been down hill ever since….
I did not take my meds for my cold as it makes me droggy and had to take her to doctors… Then he has scheduled her to have a colon what ever you call it… thinks she may have gas pullip So Tomorrow night I will be up with her while she takes meds and what ever she has to do… make sure she does not fall… Then Wednesday afternoon take her in for the test.
Tomorrow I have to go to post office again.. I got a beautiful bracelet in the mail and its to small so sending back.. won’t fit mom either..
This afternoon after I took meds I felt a little better so I worked on book entering finished putting in the a to z romances in eCRATER. Then started back on eBay with the books from the shelves.. as I was eliminating from the eBay made two new stacks for eCRATER…
I have 11 boxes times 32 for flee market sale… hope it goes well so I have reason to do it again and again… If it does well I may start doing trade in’s … will see…
In eBay added Dee Holmes “Coming Home”, Thomas Kinkade and Katherine Spencer “A Christmas to Remember” and Tami Hoag “Dark Horses”.


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