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Blueberries and Rasberries yum yum…….

Posted on: March 8, 2009

Yesterday I had an eye opening experience… Been watching Oprah last few weeks and trying to put to good use the money saving ideas…

Well went to grocery store and got my usual fix of blueberries and raspberry..I read or heard on CBS Morning Show with Harry, Maggie, and the rest that they are one of the best snacks for you.. Very healthy… Well I started eating them as my snacks one container at each snack time…. They are good and they are healthy… But what I did not really notice is they are EXPENSIVE. a small container of raspberry at Publix (our local supermarket) cost $4.99 that’s a 6 oz package.. Blueberries is a bigger package at the same price. So I am spending $15.00 on snack time every day…… I guess I will have to do something. That is way to much money.. Even tho I like it.. There are other things I can snack on.. Like Activa… It works folks….. You know how you try everything on the market…. and you use for a few days and quite.. I have been using this for 2 months now… Thanks Jamie Lee Curtis…. you are doing a commercial for something that works.

Oh for those of you with older people in your home that you need to keep and eye and ear out for. But not to invade their space to much..We got a baby monitor … we tried several kinds… Then Gene got to reading on internet and went to Amazon and ordered a GRACO its wonderful. It has one plug in and two remotes… we have a big house and mother is at one end and us another… I was waiting last night for Gene to come out of the bathroom…It was not him I heard doing their thing it was mother…. And I was waiting for my turn. LOL….. don’t tell her but its so funny… she would be mortified… if she knew….

Doctor gave me good drugs.. they say you may be sleepy …. well I did not sleep well between Gene and I both tossing and turning on Friday night into Saturday morning…. I would not give in yesterday and take a nap… so I was a mess all day yesterday… But last night I slept better as I was used to the monitor in my room and the noise. And the tossing and turning… And this morning I have already gone back for a half hour nap as I was drifting off reading the paper this morning.

Work—– I did not get all the books into the computer that I wanted yesterday. But I did get my bedroom boxes sorted… so now I have 4 instead of 9 in there to be put into the computer…Some are extra’s so there is no hurry…. I now have 11 boxes of books for flee market sale.. I am going soon.. Will see how well it does. If it does good, I am thinking of going once a month though the summer.. I will advertise on CraigsList… as I can go in detail…

I buy and sell from local people, one set of ladies brought me books in fruit boxes… Great idea.. I now am using strawberry and banana boxes to store my books in and they will be great for flee market as I won’t have to use book holders to hold books up and they are easy to load and unload from car… I will not have books sorted by section like romance, etc… they will be in the box you will have to look though….

I THINK AT THIS TIME the prices will be regular size paperbacks $.55 each or 3 for $1.00 Large paperbacks and hard covers $.75 each or 3 for $2.00 There will be mag, childrens’ DVDs and odds and ends of house hold things… NOTHING is left over from the last yard sale at our home…

I made notations last night and this morning on what I wanted to write today….

One thing is to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE I am trying to and I am making myself a pact to do better this year… After I get to feeling better I am going to start riding my bike again. I have a three wheeler as I can’t keep balance on a two wheeler…. I love it and ride around my neighborhood when its not too cold out..
Well my break is over and I need to get back to working on my books..

Oh emailed Pastor Mike to help us find someone who would come be with Mother on Fridays while we go to lunch with family.. So she won’t be alone in case she falls and also some one to have lunch with her and visit… for a couple of hours. I think she would really like that.


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