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Good drugs, good doctor good _ _ _ _!

Posted on: March 7, 2009

First two I can say ok…………..last one everyone in my house is sick…. can’t get good on that one….. LOL….
Just ordered talking books for Mother. and the lady Debbie is sending them first class instead of media I thought that was nice…
I go to the post office almost every day lately… I like to go instead of having them pick up…
Anyways have bought from her before… good site… if you can’t find what you want on my two sites try her on eBay dca1967 I have noticed she has more audio than anything else… That works out good for me as Mother does only audio anymore.
I welcome her to make comments about her spot and tell you how to get there easier…
Well the good drugs are working doctor said they would make me sleepy… Here goes another Friday night with no TV.. I hope I don’t snore to loud that I wake Gene in the next chair… can’t you just picture it Mutt and Jeff sleeping though Flashpoint or Numbers I am all ready missing Ghost Whisperer….
Have a great night see you in the morning.
I have a question for people who save shot glasses is there one from Rumple Minze that has a long neck or is that a bottle that it came in… Looks like a bud vase.. its cute… Next week will open a new box of shot glasses (not meaning they are new just that I have not opened them sence we moved here… at one time I had 1500 on shelves in my dining room in the condo down south.
I am really going now……………………….
I am back…………….Gene just came in and said he was going to lay back down.. He has pleurisy.


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