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Facebook, books and more books

Posted on: March 7, 2009

My daughter, Ilene got me signed onto Facebook, you know my name, readerwave.
Can’t sleep got hot. Gene is sick and he is always cold so its always to warm in here… or its freezing.. there is no happy medium.. But if that is all it takes to keep him happy I can live with it…
Have been sick over a week today.. I am over it already.. Now Gene is sick almost a week… ok enough already… I was not going yard sale-ing anyways… Have too many books already.. (now who was looking when I got more books yesterday?) I need them to fill in the over 3000 I already have…. After all I have two online bookstores, and a yard sale at the flee market coming up..
Thanks to two ladies I buy books from, I found good book boxes to store and show my books at these sales… Grape’s box…Supermarket here I come…
My sister-in-law has always liked the idea of our friendship ball that my friend Roberta and I have been sending back and forth for 11 yrs…(imagine 11 X 12) that is a lot of small things. so I think this summer while she is away in GA I will get my extra one out and send to her… She will be happily surprised…. (for those of you who don’t know what they are I will take a picture and put on one day)

Got to get off here I am so hot must find water………I feel like I am on a desert Island……………..instead of in my office with the door closed so everyone else stays asleep… Sweet dreams everyone….

I am putting my gummy bears away now… I keep them in the ref.. so they stay fresh but they get hard from the cold but better than the alternative….

Have sold over 18 Joe Bullard’s “Waiting For Agnes” books in the past three months… That is so cool.. Oprah’s book club should be reading this for sure….Then I would have the sales and Joe would have the fame he should get for such a good book… people need to see my feedback on eBay about it…. But for a better selling price of $19.50 they need to go to my eCRATER Store… at to buy it.
I am really going now…………… water………… water………….


2 Responses to "Facebook, books and more books"

I love your blog. I am getting into used bookstore and I find your blog so cool.

Thanks for stopping by.. I looked at your store.. Wow…. I did not see where it comes from.. like mine is on eCRATER and eBay….where is yours…..
Also I am looking for things small enough to go in a friendship ball .. If you don’t know what that is.. Its a silver ball with a little latch it opens and you can put small things in it… it fits in the palm of my hand but my hand does not close over it if that is any help…. you can see them on eBay at least you use to… Mine I have had with my girl friend for 11 yrs.. I am always looking for new idea’s. Some times I send new things sometimes used.. I am a big flee market and yard sale person…
She is dollar store and where ever person… so you see it can be inexpensive or not…
We send it back and for every month.. so 11 times 12 and alittle more when I see something I just have to send now…Anyways… I have a second one but not with the orginal sheet of paper that tells about it… I am going to be sending to my sister-in-law this summer and some things form your store are right up the ally so to speak…
Thanks for stopping by. If a friend stops by and BUYS form my store and lets me know that you are on my blog and what day I will send you a free book and them.

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