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Posted on: March 7, 2009

I found out today that I don’t read directions very well…But I knew that..People have been telling me that for years… If you can’t explain it to me in a few words, I don’t want to be bothered.. It has taken a lot of concentration for me to do my websites… And now that I am sick its worse…

There was an article in a guidepost mag I read last year… Write three things and read them everyday to make your day better… I did and I could not tell you what I wrote last year. This year is:

  1. Stop wasting time
  2. Stop being a moody down person
  3. Figure out if my book stores is keepable in 2010.

Wasting time… I go in circles… sometimes… and get nothing done.
I get down on myself and try not to put this out where people can see it…
My store was in the toilet since September and in Dec I took almost everything off eBay and started eCRATER. I still don’t have the sales I did before, but they are better than none, which was happening for all of Dec and Jan. some of Feb….

I write about it and it picks up for a few days…

MY meds are working I am very tired… Ilene did not get to the place to pick up the Van so she is not coming up for Beth’s bed today. That’s a shame I had a few things I wanted her to do with me today to help me… I don’t dare drive I feel half a sleep all the time when I am still like now… Have a good day and this to shall pass…

Our Granddaughter in Va is in a play tonight at school… well she ‘s in the band… “My Fair Lady” would love to be there to see it….

Have a good weekend I am not sure I will write tomorrow.. maybe I need a day off from the computer… bye……………..


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