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Good Morning, we had a face lift how do we look?

Posted on: March 6, 2009

Waiting For Agnes by Florida Native Joe Bullard

Waiting For Agnes by Florida Native Joe Bullard

Well, last night our Blog had a face lift.. My wonderful daughter came in and reworked all my Blog posts and made it sound and look better.

Yesterday I sold three of Waiting For Agnes. Because my husband is now sicker than I am, I will go get some more copies of book from Author Joe Bullard. He is like a mile from me so it’s not hard to get more. I am up to selling at least 6 a week.. Good for him and good for me.

Gene went to doctor yesterday (without an apt) and told them how my Mother had got sick two weeks ago and went to hospital. Two people with pneumonia were in her room. That and the room was so cold.. I was sick the day after she came home. And have been ever since. Now he is sick.. and his back hurts so bad. They sent him to hospital for x-ray and by late afternoon called with answers he has pleurisy (infection of lung and tissue around it…) He is on pain killers and antibiotics 4 times a day..

You know what I can’t find on here is spell check… Never could spell and it really shows today.

Today will be a pot-lock day… what ever has to be done will…

I have books, romances by states that are going into eCRATER.

Then I have two boxes in the garage that need to go in… I have two walls of bookshelves to finish putting in eBay. I have over 1000 books listed in between eBay and eCRATER. Most of my Nora Roberts and Debbie Macomber are on eCRATER. They are sold cheaper there as I don’t have a selling cost..

I also sell Waiting For Agnes on both sites and sells for .50 less on eCRATER. Sending one to Canada today sent one to Canada and New Zealand last week… I get so excited…

Well must go transfer funds from one account to another to pay for books…

Oh to my dear friend hope you are not to sore today after all the painting you did yesterday.

And to my fellow classmates and Alumni at McArthur High School in Hollywood, Florida have a great planning session for the picnic coming up soon. So sorry we will not be coming down to enjoy.. Gene just does not travel far these days even before he got so sick.. His legs just can’t stand the long riding any more.


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