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Sick sick S O S we are so SICk of being Sick

Posted on: March 5, 2009

Mom got sick 3rd week of Feb.. she came home the next Friday that night I got sick and I still am… Tuesday Gene got sick… and he is so much more sick than we were or are… He had a infected lung.. Plurecy..(sp)… He hurts all over I hope the good drugs that the doctor has given him will keep him alsleep… I hope I have to wake him for meds.. That way he won’t know he is sick… I feel so bad for him he hurts all over… I only hurt when I cough… which is not a lot yet. Mom had a slight stroke and an infection that is almost cleared up… You can hardly tell she had the stroke.. we got to her pretty fast… and got her to the hospital she was there 6 days and it was so cold and two people she was with had p colds…
thats who I got sick from then Gene got it from me… He coached me on making meatloaf tonight… we do not make it the same way so I let him tell me his way… Tommorrow we are having soup… if gene wants it or what ever he wants .. Paster Mike called tonight to see how Mom is and found out the rest of us are sick…
Well guess I will go watch tv… good night for it…


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