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Favorites and Clean up

Posted on: March 5, 2009

Today already I have been cleaning up on one of my book sites. and shopping.. I went into my favorites at eBay.. and was deciding who I wanted to keep and who I had not ordered from in a very long time… So of course if you know me very well you know I bought something…
Here is my most favorite site… Not only does she made and sell great candles… She is a person who I have gone to many times for talks about my sites… Never lets me down gives the best answer she can come up with and that all I can ask… And heaven knows she does not have to be bothered… I have featured her store before and will do again.. Thanks to her. I got a candle warmer for my birthday last month and love it.. my best friend bought me one and I am back to using candles again not just buying for gifts.
she sell on eBay “Candles From The Keeping Room” I have bought many Birthday, Christmas, and just because, gifts from her.. I always have one on hand for an emergency gift. (Don’t tell Roberta but I just ordered her one and its being sent soon).
Another store on eBay that I have featured before is “Alaska Books Gifts and Thrift”. Have bought books from her to use on my site.. so you know the price was right… You have to know what ever you buy will take longer to get here as its coming from Alaska. I wish she sold calanders I had to go to the mall here to get one for Mom for Christmas or someone did..
Here’s one I have never featured before”Gifts 90670″ I have bought and they are nice gifts.. Large selection… I have several relitives that are collectors of one thing or another that I have found something on this site. These three sites are on eBay.. I have not bought from eCRATER yet but I will be checking them out very soon.
Today you can see I got up early… Had to take meds as I was coughing and sneezing… D cold wish it would go away.. Its a week tomorrow. sence I got it… Have not been out of the house sence last Saturday. I am doing more on Computer and then resting… I have almost all my emails written.. Just a small pile left to write.
cleaned out my boxes that were in the garage for two months.. One is empty and in place and another ready.. Had envelopes to mail books in…They are a different kind hope they work as good…
I brought the price of “Waiting For Agnes” down on eCRATER trying to get people to buy book there… I make more money there than I do selling on eBay… And if someone wants many books I can get what ever they want. And the books are autographed as author Joe Bullard is a North Florida Native.
I have a few more books to enter in eCRATER today, I took the pictures yesterday.. Then I have two boxes I bought just recently to put in One box is Romances by States. another is odds and ends.
Then I have a box of just new books That I was selling at 4.00 and can aford to Bring down the price by 1.00 by selling on eCRATER. Be looking for all these changes in the next few days.


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Thanks! I’m glad you enjoy my Ebay Store – Alaska Books Gifts & Thrift! I am adding more lots of fiction books today & tomorrow…I currently have a wide selection of nonfiction books ~ history, art, quilting, Alaskan books & my favorite church cookbooks .. It’s feeling like Spring up here in Anchorage (finally), so I am getting ambitious! 🙂

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