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Remember the saying Ditsy old Broad

Posted on: March 4, 2009

Have most of these books on eCRATER online book store

Have most of these books on eCRATER online book store

Well today I quailify… Ditsy old Grandma….. I had my husband pick up a birthday card for my grandson’s birthday… (wrong Month). Then I also called my daughter and asked her about a gift idea..(left her voice message) and a surprise party as they don’t get up here much… Duh, his birthday is three months away… I had the right day..
Today I entered Rachel Lee books into eBay.. I have some for eCRATER also… I love her series Conard County…. I like books and authors who write series right now I am reading Robyn Carr Virginia River series. I have the newest one “Grants Pass”. Another author I like to read a series from is Diana Palmer‘s “Jacobsville” That’s what I call it .. the true title of the series is The Long Tall Texan you can check out these authors on both of my websites. Then of course my favorite is Debbie Macomber‘s Cedar Cove series.
I have a canvas bag next to my bed on the floor that I keep all the books that I want to read in.. Its over flowing again.. I just finished the latest Fern Michaels “Final Justice” about the Sisterhood and how the game may finally be over… It was great
Was just reading my blog from this morning. I did not get pictures taken, and did not write the emails…maybe tomorrow… I must go now missing SOAP Guiding Light…. same time same place tomorrow..


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