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Hump Day

Posted on: March 4, 2009

Talked to my sister in law and she reminded me its Wednesday (hump day). I called to tell her we would not be going to lunch with the family on Friday as I am still sick and don’t need to give this to any of them…
Mom almost fell again in the night.. she goes backwards as she is steady going forward as her body bends that way.. she caught herself and was in the bathroom when I got there…
Gene just came in and he is going to the grocery store. Mom I think is in for her morning nap… So I am here all by myself… I just called Gene on his cellphone and asked him to buy birthday cards… He was thrilled… I am usually so ahead and I have missed one already this month…
I have been working on eBay this morning put in some Katherine Stone, Stella Cameron, now I am going to take pictures and get some of the same author ready to go in eCRATER.
And I have a few more emails to send to my last years buyers to tell them about my new blog and online store….
But right now I am whipped from doing some things around the house… so after I finish this I am going to my chair and read or watch tv for a couple of hours… be back later
what are you doing today….?


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