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Friendship, depression and oops…….

Posted on: March 3, 2009

Rebecca York aka Ruth Glick

Rebecca York aka Ruth Glick

I just got a email from my dear friend… she was going to send me pictures of the snow where she is she had a oops moment with her camera…….. Hey girlfriend we all have… and mine was not snow… it was kids… and then there are the times that I forget to get the camera out while they are here….
As everyone knows, we got in the Eastern US yesterday lots of snow except Florida…………….Well my granddaughters in VA had a snow day yesterday… and one of them had a oops moment when she fell (I am a terrible grandma I did not find out how) she landed on her face or scratched her face with her glasses as they are at the repair shop today…. I hope you feel better today.. while you slave away in school and dad or mom goes out in the cold cold winter storm to get your glasses fixed before soccer practice today… How can you have a practice with the cold and wet weather…. You will be as sick as Grandma is now and sister was last week… I want to know how one granddaughter in VA got Grandma in FL sick… or was it because I went to the germy hospital for 5 days to be with GGE…. She is fine and I am dying or it feels like it…. I did get meds from doctor yesterday…
So dear friends if you were not depressed before you read this don’t be now….
I worked on both book sites this morning Finished one shelf completely and feel so much better… now I have two completely done and three started… and 9 boxes in another room that need sorting before I got to flee market a weekend before the end of April…
I put Jon Land in eBay and Christine Feehan in both eBay and eCRATER…. and Rebecca York in both


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