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A lot of authors start out writing small books and get established and move on

Posted on: March 2, 2009

43 Light Street Series

43 Light Street Series

Called doctor and got some good drugs to see if I can get this thing out of my chest and head… I am trying to stay away from my husband and mother.. so far so good.. neither one has it yet..
I worked a little on both stores today.. Have all the Harlequin that I own in eCRATER. I like reading Harlequin some times.. when I am in the mood for a short book or need something to take on vacation that I can leave some where if Its forgotten. I have several customers who buy and sell that also like them.. so I can get different ones every so often… I have each book listed as a series if it is one… To get a list of all books you can go to A lot of authors start out writing small books and get established and move on like my favorite authors Debbie Macomber, Linda Lael Miller, Lisa Jackson just to name a few… you can find there list of books at their websites.

Time to go hit the recliner again.. headache is coming back… have a great evening and visit my stores… eCRATER is a good bargain store check it out… eBay has everything adding all the time… and come back and check out our Blog… say hi tell us your favorite author or book and tell me about it… will I want to read it… I am reading Grants Pass by Rybon Carr it’s a new book…


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