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Work and sleep what else do we need

Posted on: March 1, 2009

Well I feel a little better. I am hacking less and they are deeper…

I slept 5 hrs straight during the night… I don’t think I moved… I woke up the same way I laid down.. I lost 3 lbs in the past two days.. I have been eating and eating but its been berries and popsicles… Had homemade chicken soup last night… Gene made it for me yesterday.. I think I will have it for breakfast…. Oh I just woke up again.. at 6am I got up and got in my recliner with a blankie and went back to sleep to wake every hour or so since… I need to get some work done today, enter some books…. but why, when no one is buying from eCRATER… I think you all are afraid of it… it sells for less…. and you can use a money order… or I will even take a check at this time and she how that goes… but first time I get taken I will stop again… PayPal…. on both sites.. but I would love to do away with eBay as it costs so much to run. But can’t till you discover that eCRATER is better… Try it don’t be such a chicken… If there is a book you are looking for tell me I have 3000 I have not put in yet.
I will dig out the one you want…
For those of you who live locally… I have not decided if I am going to the flea market or have a yard sale at home… so watch the papers… it will be more toward the end of the month…


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