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New additions

Posted on: February 24, 2009

New additions are not going in this week .. I am just to busy going back and forth to the hospital.. I have my husband running to the post office for me to mail what is bought, but not to put in computer..
If there is a book you are looking for let me know and I will have him look for it and I can put it in when I get a chance. email me at readerwave at bellsouth dot net. I am putting most of my new additions on eCRATER. Its a easier site to use and sell from. Check it out.
I got two news letters yesterday one from Debbie Macomber and one from Linda Lael Miller they have the same publisher…

One of my old friends from when we lived in South Florida just got a computer and learned to use it.. Now we can email back and forth!


2 Responses to "New additions"

Just wanted to say that friendship love is between us….and hope you are feeling it too. Take care of yourself and give MOM that kiss on her left cheek. (Face that is !!!!!) Me…

Hay me, consider it done…. same to ya only Dad…..

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