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Friendships can last Forever

Posted on: February 20, 2009

Some friendships last for ever. I have had the same friend for 45 yrs.. About 15 yrs ago, someone came out with what they call a friendship ball.. Its a silver ball that comes with a paper on friendship and its got bath salts in it.. The idea is to send this to someone and they send it back to you with something else in it… We have been doing this almost every month in all these years.. Sometime the items don’t fit the ball some time they do but they are never bigger than the box that goes back and forth… The box sometimes get so much tape on it, we need to take time to peal it off… My friend Roberta made a address card with our names and address so that we just have to turn it over and tape it down… and off it goes.. I just got mine today in the mail.. I got a clear ornament that has sand and shells and a little red pail and say Southport, NC…. She used to live there and went to see her husband who is working there for a few months at his old job. She was just here for my birthday the week before and I had sent her a valentines gift in her ball. I wonder how many miles that ball has going from North Carolina to Florida every month… some time twice… Its so much fun.. My sister in law got one when she heard about it and sent it and the person never sent it back.. I have things all over my house…The address stamp for our new house (three years ago) came in it.. stickys with my D for Dona came in it… a few bookmarks came in it at different times… She went to Germany and I got something in it… I went to NY and she got something.. I go to yard sales a lot and she gets something.. She goes to the dollar store and I get something… You can get these balls still on the internet I am sure….I found one at a yard sale and picked it up as we lost one in the mail a couple of years ago and I went on the internet to find another..


1 Response to "Friendships can last Forever"

Have you seriously been sending that ball back and forth for that many years!?! Wow, how time flies! I remember when she sent it to you the first time, and you were so thrilled about it. I know that I still hear about the cool things that are being sent each way in the ball, and frankly I think that it’s very cool. You and my “Aunt” have a very special friendship, the kind books are written about… I’m very glad you have both kept in touch so well over the years, and distance.

I love you both!

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