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#2 Friendships and Blog

Posted on: February 20, 2009

Roberta just sent me a email and said she read the blog and wanted to know what Blog means.. Her thoughts were Best Laughs and Giggles or Best Laughs Or Grumps!!!!!!!!
My Thought was Better Log On Girl……………
What does Blog mean ……………… why do they need a new word when for years there was diary or Journal………….

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1 Response to "#2 Friendships and Blog"

Blog comes from the term WebLog, which came from logs of things people were doing. The term was then shortened to bLog, which turned into simply blog. As for why they gave it a new name, that one is actually very easy. Journals and Diaries are meant to be personal, not shared with the world. So by creating a journal, you are creating it for you. With a blog, you expect it to be something for the world to see and read. Usually blogs are business related in some way, like review sites, where they are discussing the merits of a particular product, regardless of the type.

For more information, take a look at this Wikipedia article for blog

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