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Books and more Books

Posted on: February 18, 2009

Gene made today

Gene made today

Today started off differently… Had to go to doctor for a visit as he just had to refill my thyroid meds… I don’t have one had removed several years ago as it had a spot of cancer. Anyways find out tomorrow about blood work…
Sence I got home read emails and feedbacks (eBay) Had a nice one from a customer who bought “Waiting for Agnes”. I went and wrote this person a email and asked them to come on here and give a review… Hope he or she does….
Then I went on to eCRATER and put in books for Iris Johnansen, who I had started doing yesterday. Then went on to do Catherine Anderson.. And its so funny I had got a newsletter from her today.. She not only has a webpage at she is on myspace, twitter, and Facebook… I can’t tell you about these so if you have been to any of these places let me know.
I will be spending time on eBay this afternoon doing odds and ends putting more books in taking books off the shelf that didn’t sell in the last year or so.. Getting ready for my yard sale in three weeks… and I might even go on craigslist and look around…
Gene went and bought another tool so he can make a larger vase for my wooden roses… Its going to be out of cedar… I would love to get him wood from all over the US for his birthday.. I thought of the idea last year but did not get it done.
This afternoon while I was putting books in eBay and eCRATER and taking pictures of the one I want to put in eCRATER tomorrow. Gene was our working on a vase made of cedar to go with the wood roses he Bought me last Friday at the street Fest here in LC..


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“She not only has a webpage at Catherine Anderson she is on myspace, twitter, and Facebook… I can’t tell you about these so if you have been to any of these places let me know.”

Okay Mom, time for some edu-ma-cation in social networking… 🙂 This is something I’ve been meaning to explain to you for a while now anyway, since I set you up with a facebook account last week… or was it the week before? hahah 🙂

Facebook: Basically, think of a site like… You find friends who are already online, and you can link to them. Well, in this case, it’s free, not paid. The idea is that you can see what your friends are doing through what they call “status updates”.

Twitter: Simply put, you answer the question “What are you doing right now” in 160 characters or less. It’s termed “micro-blogging” and some people use it as a chat medium. The difference between chatting and twitter is that the person doesn’t have to be right there, right now, so in that way it’s more like a mini-email… I’m on twitter too, so take a look at what I talk about here: @weatherangel

A word of caution however. Twitter can be VERY addicting. It’s a social geeks drug of choice I tell yea!

MySpace: Yesterday’s news. The teens took it over and now it’s a bootie call site.

So there you have it, social networking in a nutshell. 🙂

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