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Posted on: February 17, 2009

eBay has been making a lot of changes over the past year, that have made me change some of the ways I do things… Previously, I sold Harlequin and other small books on eBay at a really low price. I can’t do that any more as they won’t let you sell under 1.00, as well as only taking credit cards and PayPal.

I have started working with eCRATER because they let me sell at the price I want,  I can put as many categories as I want, with as many books in each as I like. They also allow for money orders as well as PayPal.. They also have other ways to pay but I have not gotten into that yet.

In eBay, I try to put my better books since I have to charge more, but if you are a returning customer, I tend to send books to you that are as good or better than you are thinking… My goal is to make my customers happy…
In eCRATER, I am able to sell for less, and ship for less because I pay less to list. I try to pass that savings on to my customers. I am also able to give almost instant rebates when you buy more than one book at a time.  As soon as you pay by PayPal, I will send you a rebate right back for the extra shipping you would have otherwise paid for each single book. The books are as good as my books on eBay or might have a few more lines but nothing I would avoid putting in my living room for people to see when they come over.

James Patterson

James Patterson

Today James Patterson is going into my bookstores, eBay is done and I will take pictures of the books to go into eCrater after lunch…
Gene our packing dept.

Gene our packing dept.

(Gene whats for lunch) He not only boxes up my products he cooks. There maybe another family store in the future he dabbles in wood.

Waiting for Agnes by Florida Native Joe Bullard

Waiting for Agnes by Florida Native Joe Bullard

I almost for got to mention “Waiting For Agnes” by Florida native Joe Bullard, I sell his autographed book on both sites… Check out the best way for you to get it… and you can order as many as you like let me know if you would like more than I have.


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