Readerwave’s Blog

Posted on: February 16, 2009

Monday blues are not here with me today… And I don’t think I am waisting time… That is part of the three things I wrote to look at each day. Last year I read in Guidepost that I should write three things down and think about them each day.
1. Stop waisting time
2. Stop being a moody down person
3. Figure out if my book store is keepable in 2010 (well if things remain the same its not)
waisting time.. I have rentered shot glasses on eBay this morning. and fixed the shipping prices..
Put several authors that don’t sell well in my yard sale box. I have not even started on my new books or historical… I am running out of room to store the books in different places..
Ilene (my daughter) set me up with google analytics so I can see that people are looking at my sights but are just not buying.. I wish I knew why so I could make them happy.
You know that song from the Partridge Family “Come on get happy” or something like that…


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