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The Rambler…

Posted on: February 12, 2009

Was listing of books in eBay yesterday all day. Mostly action aventure. Then I worked on certain authors where I have a lot of one person. I have these books in another place.. I worked on Susan Wiggs, I will get Sherryl Woods and a few others… Alot of my books I listed last year I will be offering in a yard sale so I can have funds to go looking with and free up some space in my small room…

My step-daughter is coming today for the weekend.. It will take her all day to get here so will put good use to the day and get lots of listing done… I am not getting a lot of sales in my stores I wonder how other people are doing…. there is no way for me to tell if anyone is even reading my blog… Well I am off to another book……… You know this blog should be known as the rambler as that is how I talk…. I travel back and forth from one subject to another and back again. My thoughts never stay at the same thing till its done….


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